The LOVE Chakra!


Symptoms of a blocked heart Chakra: Inability to forgive, shyness, anxiety & depression. You may dwell on past relationships, fear intimacy, avoid mirrors, having difficulties in self-acceptance, self-love and self-care. It may be that you do not feel worthy!!

Crystals that balance the heart invite the opposite of these.

Balance your heart chakra with the number crystal for Love, Rose Quartz! This can be found in many forms, raw authentic rock, tumble stones or made into jewellery.

Like any crystal make your you cleanse, charge and activate it first. Then hold it and use it with mantras or affirmations.

'I forgive myself' 'I am loved' 'I am open to love' 'I let go of emotional blockages' 'I let go of energy that does not serve me for my greatest good' 'I accept things the way that they are'

Other things which affect the Heart Chakra is diet. Did you know that Green Tea resonates with the Heart along with earthy green veg or a tasty Kiwi. All food has energy so by booting the high frequency foods will benefit both the body, mind and chakras along with being active.

MEDITATIONS - a loving kindness meditation is also perfect - there are lots of free ones that you can access online or even sound frequencies to resonate with the Heart chakra. A great day to start the day along with gratitude practice.

Finally, but certainly not least, HUG!, hug someone you love for at least 30 seconds. There is scientific research that this boosts endorphins.

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