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My mission is to supply crystals that are ethically sourced and that are genuine. The crystals I provide have come from reliable sources that have visited the mines and also own there own. They respect my own ethical values so that i can provide you with the most magical of crystals.

All of my crystals are chosen by me, I intuitively select these and I only sell what I would be happy to purchase. I have taken steps to become eco friendly with my packaging and my candles are made in recycled jars and from Soy wax.

Thank you for supporting my family run business and I look forward to supporting you on your journey.


I have always been mesmerised by crystals and universal energy. When I was a child I found a piece of Pyrite and I thought it was Gold, this was the start of it. I felt a natural pull to pretty stones and as I got older I learnt about the Law of attrACTION, it then occurred to me that this was something that I had always used. The evidence was all around me! for years I had visualised positive outcomes and set my intentions to which I manifested my husband, our home and our children. Crystals just amplified this practice further and took it to the next level. 

I decided to officially become a trained healer following the birth of my premature baby girl. I wanted to harness the natural healing properties of the crystals by truly understanding how they worked and why. I am truly blessed that she now joins me on this same journey.

So the proof is in pudding, as they say

  I have manifested my best life... yet.

Whether you are looking for love or abundance, I can help you kick start this process and guide you along the way.

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